As we continue to spend more time at home, the idea of turning our homes into calming sanctuaries becomes evermore popular.

The neutral trend is a great way to give the ultimate calming effect. Subtle colour tones, minimal pattern and texture all add to this look.

Think varying shades of Taupe, Beige, Mushroom, Truffle, Grey, Ivory etc. layered in different elements.

The key is to keep the majority of items in monochromatic tones and add accents of charcoal, dark browns or white.

Add interest in art, furniture shapes, décor items and add texture in upholstery fabrics, cushions, throws, rugs etc.

Wood floors add a sense of warmth to a space, either real wood, laminate or vinyl keeps it soft underfoot. Rugs also add a warmth and cosiness.

To really encompass the space use warm paint colours, wallpaper and heavy curtains to add dimension and layers.

Here are some ideas of how to put this look together in different styles from our local suppliers.


Modern Boho Living

Still loving this trend’s textures and patterns paired with organic materials.

This inspired look was created with items from our best local suppliers.

Top 10 Home Staging Tips

In light of these uncertain times and not knowing how the market will be effected, Home Staging now more than ever can be the most useful tool if you are looking to sell your home.

The purpose of staging is to prepare a home for selling, making it appealing to as many buyers as possible so it spends less time on the market and sells for as close to asking price as possible, if not more.

As the majority of buyers are searching online for their next home, you have to ensure that yours stands out to appeal to the most amount of potential buyers which will make them to want to view your property and not just click past your listing.

Eden Interiors can offer a range of very affordable Staging services including not only full home furniture rental services but advice on how to define rooms, furniture placement, choosing complimenting colour palettes, design updates and all the information you would need to maximize your property’s potential.

To give you an idea of where to get started, here are our top 10 tips:

1.Declutter and Clean

It might sound so simple but giving your home a really good deep clean and clearing away unnecessary clutter can make a huge difference. An unclean house can be extremely off putting and turn buyers away immediately and cluttered spaces can make rooms seem smaller and can make it hard for buyers to see the rooms potential. Just make an early start on packing and store away any items that aren’t needed before you move out to reduce the clutter.

2. Depersonalize and Neutralize

The main aim of Home Staging is to make a buyer feel like they could move in the moment they walk through the door. If you have too many of your own personal belongings on display the buyer feels like they are walking through your home, not their potential new one, so limit the amount of personal items you have on show. Preference to colours can also put buyers off. Loud, bright colours don’t appeal to everyone and it could mean the difference between a sale if the potential buyer feels that they already have the cost and job of repainting to do once they move in. To appeal to the masses keep every room a neutral colour. Stick to off whites and warm, light tones of grey and beige.

3. Curb appeal

First impressions count and if your home doesn’t look appealing from the outside, a buyer can already be put off before they even walk through the door. Ensure that your front door and window frames are in good condition. Any wall cracks are sealed and painted. Neaten up your garden and move dustbins out of the way if they are on show.

4. Repairs

Fix any repairs throughout the home. Wall or ceiling cracks filled and painted. Leaky or broken taps fixed or replaced. Replace cracked tiles etc.

5. Define rooms

The main living areas of your property should be defined so it is easy for buyers to see the potential of each room and not get confused as to what a space should be used for. Don’t double up functions like an office in the Dining room or leave rooms empty. Give buyers a clear indication of exactly what each rooms function is.

Eden Interiors – Staging Before & After

6. Furniture placement and scale

To maximize a rooms potential, furniture should be placed correctly and should be the right scale for that room. Having too many pieces of furniture in a room can make it feel crowded and smaller than it actually is. Furniture that is too large and bulky can have the same effect.

7. Main rooms to focus on

If you feel you can’t tackle your whole home the main rooms to focus on would be: Kitchen, Living area, Dining room, Master Bedroom, Main Bathroom.

8. Modern updates

Most Buyers are looking for modern, move in ready homes. If there are any areas of your home that are dated and need modernising there are some inexpensive ways to do this.

Kitchen – Paint cabinets and replace handles. Tile stickers can cover a dated backsplash.

Living areas – Throws can be used to cover dated sofas / armchairs. New scatter cushions or rugs instantly modernise and add warmth.

Bedrooms – Plain white bedding with colour accents make a bedroom feel bright and clean.

Lighting – Change outdated light fixtures and add extra lighting in the way of standing and table lamps where possible to create more light and ambiance. Adding mirrors will also increase light and can make spaces feel bigger if positioned across from windows.

Art – Inexpensive modern art prints can instantly update a space.

9. Remove signs of pets and children

Where possible remove all signs of pets; food bowls, beds, litter trays etc. as this can be off putting to some buyers. Try to limit children’s toys to one or two areas, their bedrooms and a playroom. Move all toys, books etc. out of adult spaces like the living area and dining room.

10. Set the mood

Adding a scent in the home will make it feel clean and fresh. Add fresh flowers, scented candles, diffusers etc. but make sure the scents are not too overpowering.

We hope these tips will get you well on your way to selling your property but if you feel that you could benefit from our professional advice we can offer our services completely online. All we require is photos of the property, interior and exterior and following a telephonic / skype consultation we can then determine the best service for you.

Have fun with colourful dining this summer

Inject some color into your summer with fun table settings

Nothing gets me more excited than the arrival of summer. Hot, sunny days, chilled wine and al fresco dining are my best!

Colourful Dining tables caught my eye recently. What I love about this trend is that you can transform and update your outdoor dining area without having to spend a fortune.

You can be structured and matchy matchy with colours or go as eclectic as you like mixing it up completely. Add in one colourful item or make everything colourful depending on your tastes and budget.

So if you want to try out this trend, our local stores have come to the (literal) party with a great variety.

Here are a few colour combos I have put together….

Most of the crockery / glass items are melamine or plastic which I know is not a fave for some people but for me it’s a win.  Here’s why plastic can be fantastic:

  1. Items are budget friendly so it won’t cost a fortune to add to your existing range
  2. Durable and virtually unbreakable (kid and drunk friendly!)
  3. Great for Picnics and traveling
  4. Dishwasher safe (Yaaass!!)

Happy dining everyone 🙂

Shop the Look

  1. Equatorial Floral Tablecloth 270x180cm 2. COUNTRY ROAD Osten Large Placemat 3.Waikiki Melamine Dinner Plate 4. 5.Acrylic Facet Wine Glass 5.Acrylic Facet Hi Ball 6.Linen House Driftwood Small Rectangular Tablecloth 7.KitchenCraft Greens Woven Placemat 8.Mikasa Drift Melamine Dinner Plate 8.Mikasa Drift Melamine Side Plate 9. Pressed Plastic Hi Ball 10.Copacabana Table Runner 11.Crazy Weave Placemat 12. New York Stoneware Dinner Plate 13. 14.Embossed Acrylic Wine Glass

Images: / /

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“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”….Tree!

Try something a little different this Christmas….

As much as I love a traditional, real Christmas tree in all its green glory decorated with red candy canes and the kids homemade decorations I wanted to do something a bit different this year.

I was looking for inspiration to style my new white tree when on my weekly browse around Mr Price Home I saw these beautiful Champagne / Rose Gold baubles (how pretty?!) So I used these as the base of my design idea and built it up from there. They also had perfect tinsel to match and I then used some other items to style.

et voila!

The Process

  • Start by wrapping the tinsel all around the tree first
  • Place fairy lights close to the ends of the branches
  • Add the baubles in ascending size
  • Tie bows onto the ends of empty branches with thinner ribbon at the top quarter and larger ribbon to the lower part
  • Cut strips of the metallic ribbon and place vertically in empty sections

I love how it turned out. An affordable luxe look!

The fabric and metallic ribbons and lights were from Bruma Asia Mall, but they can easily be sourced from other shops and I styled with some other accessories from Mr Price Home plus some fab props from Clair Fraser Photography (who kindly let me use her studio :))

Shop the Look

Mr Price Home

Christmas Tinsel – R19.99